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Philip Salom began publishing in 1980 and since then has written fourteen books of poetry, including several that have been attracted international praise for their expansive imagination and language. His book Sky Poems won the British Airways Commonwealth Poetry Prize in London for the overall Best Book of Poetry in the British Commonwealth and his first book The Silent Piano won the earlier Commonwealth Poetry Prize for Best First Book. He has received further acclaim through international reviews and from guest appearances in America, Canada, Britain, the Republics of Serbia and Macedonia, Italy, Singapore and New Zealand. 

In 2011/2012 - as a sudden departure and an answering call to Portugese poet Fernando Pessoa's use of heteronyms - Salom published two collections written through dramatically different heteronyms. The Keeper of Fish and Keeping Carter feature strongly lyric author-characters Alan Fish and M A Carter and these two books complete the trilogy begun with Keepers (2010). Keepers is a hybrid verse-novel set in a Creative Arts School. In the new books, Fish is introspective and empathetic and Carter is badly-mannered and immoderate.

Salom's collection The Well Mouth feature poems, voices, portraits and an underlying narrative in prose. The Well Mouth  was named a Sydney Morning Herald Book of the Year, an Adelaide Review Book of the Year, and was re-printed three times. printings.

In 2015 his latest poetry collection Alterworld completed the trllogy made up of Sky Poems, The Well Mouth and new work - Alterworld. For more details about Alterworld see the Books section.

In 2016 his third novel Waiting was published (see the Home page and Books page on this site for a description). His two earlier novels are Toccata and Rain (2005) which was shortlisted for the ALS Gold Medal and the WA Premiers Prize for Fiction, and Playback, which won the WA Premiers Prize for Fiction. 

Major awards (apart from the two Commonwealth Poetry Book Prizes in London) include the Western Australian Premiers Prize (twice for Poetry and once for Fiction) and the prestigious Newcastle Poetry Prize (in 1996 and again in 2000). He has received several major Australian Council Fellowships and also many shortlistings for his books. 

In 2003 Philip Salom was recognised with the Christopher Brennan Award - a prize given for lifetime achievement in poetry, recognising a poet who produces work "of sustained quality and distinction".


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