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Keepers re-printed: Keepers trilogy is complete

Puncher & Wattmann have just re-printed Keepers and this means all three books of my recent trilogy are available. It might have seemed strange for anyone wanting the first of the three - after hearing that The Keeper of Fish and Keeping Carter are out now - to find it out of print. In poetry terms, that can be really terminal: no resurrections guaranteed in poetry. Not the case in this case. The world is happily unreal, thanks to David Musgrave. 

In the new year David will also be re-printing my last book with Fremantle Press - The Well Mouth. This book came out with Fremantle in late 2005, and was reprinted in '06 and again in late '08, so it has kept on. It's worth saying again ... booksellers ... if poetry books are on the shelf they will slowly sell. They are an in-elastic commodity, they don't sell radically more because of big machinery, as Penguin discovered, and they rarely sell in big numbers (for more than one or two poets) but they do move if they are available.