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Launch of The Keeper of Fish and Keeping Carter

My home page has a couple of pics from the launch and I will place both video (hopefully) and text of the launch alongside them or on the website somewhere more discrete. Don't want that Carter character let loose, nor the Professor Ross Bennett who isn't. Actually, Alan Fish and M A Carter called to say they couldn't make it. They had absurd excuses but then the day before and the day itself went close to being pretty hot. All the bar tab was drunk. Thank you to all those who attended and I hope the brief comments signed in your books on behalf of Fish and Carter are readable. 'Carter' even signed Kevin Pearson's copy of Keeping Carter in left-handed mirror-writing. He is very interested in mirror-neurons. Or newer morons.

So, always a relief to pass the books on to the public and get back to other works.

Note: The Keeper of Fish sold out just weeks before the launch. Puncher & Wattmann have a good relationship with their printer* and it was re-printed just in time for Melbourne. The Sydney launch was held in December, part of the P&W Xmas party.

* McPherson's Printing Group