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The Slow Canoe Readings

Good news for readers, listeners and writers who do not want to be bored shitless by long live reading events!

In 2011 a new monthly reading was initiated by Melissa Howard and Oliver Driscoll and held at the Schoolhouse Studios in Abbotsford. The readings immediately attracted a good following and published writers were contacting Melissa and Oliver asking to be on the reading list. That's success.

The idea was novel: four or five guest readers allocated approximately 10 - 12 mins each and no dreaded open section! For 2012 the organisers have announced a new season but have changed the name to The Slow Canoe Readings. The poster is a very Jeanswest in look, and maybe even Deliverance, but the writers are all real people reading their freshest prose, and not a hillbilly in sight.

This line-up includes a new feature - a reading from a writer much admired by the organisers (this week it's Oliver's choice, Aleksandar Hemon).