In 2007 Picaro Press from NSW published a chapbook of mine in their long-wagging Wagtail series. These books are of various composition but many are, like my own, a kind of mini-Selected Poems. They provide a brief sampling from earlier books, limited to something like 20 pages all up. They are cheap and great value and make good study material in schools as well as leading readers back to the original poetry in full book form. Mine is called:

The Family Fig Trees

It contains a natty selection, made by the editors and myself, with the poem of the title as a central work, a poem that has been anthologised several times and which stands as one of my best single poems. It looks into my family background, a lyric poem in the true sense, with me as son, child and adult, discovering the obvious and less obvious origins of family. This chapbook is still available from Picaro Press


This was published in the National Library of Australia Pamphlet Poets Series in 1992. They were neatly produced folding pamphlets of about 18 pages. Mine, again, sampled a few older books for poems to sit alongside new poems.