Jussi Bjorling’s secret to singing: line up ears up directly over shoulders (from David L. Jones)

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The following is from A Visual and Audio Study of the Artistry of Jussi Bjorling by David L.Jones. ... 'A list of concepts to remember that I noticed in the singing of Jussi Bjorling'.


  1. Neck is never locked straight. There is always a slight curve in the neck without the weight of the head 'crunching' the spine.
  2. The appoggio or leaning of the body weight is employed to engage the back muscles. The sternum resists straight forward.
  3. The jaw motion is down and back. When possible, the consonants are dentalized or flipped as in Italian. If the jaw must move, it is in a gentle chewing motion down and back.
  4. The tongue is always arched and out of the throat as in the ng position.
  5. In the extreme high register, the Italian tigering or snarl is employed to open the back of the pharynx more.
  6. There is always a bend at the hip sockets for the breath to go low in the body.
  7. Most of the time, the upper teeth are allowed to show while the mouth position remains oval in shape. This lifts the soft palate.
  8. Bjorling never pushes too much breath pressure for the note.
  9. The lower teeth are never allowed to show. The lower lip is always relaxed over the lower teeth. If lower teeth are allowed to show, the singer is pulling down the soft palate.

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