Recent work - and my current plans for Alterworld

The Keepers trilogy is now available at book stores. However, it seems a good idea to include some of those poems on this part of the site - just as a taster. See first three titles on the Left.


No new books for a while!



But... I am working up ideas for the third book of a new (partly old) trilogy, which will read in condensed form: Sky Poems, The Well Mouth, and Alterworld. As time has passed it became clear to me that the two previous books should not remain in a stand-alone state. The Well Mouth was conceived as the Earth-Other to the Sky world and then morphed into something deeper and darker, a Limbo. The desires sought in the Sky are over and done with in the Earthy Well Mouth but now there is the new book - of Hope in the Alterworld - in the making. This is a kind of Divine Comedy in reverse.

This isn't written but will, I hope, be the work of 2013/14. In the meantime I am reading, musing, daydreaming the possibilities, ie: I am preparing my mind.

I am also writing poems heteronym more unlike than like past personalities. M A Carter continues... And I have written another novel and a farm/family memoir work which may just shimmer into a fiction. Lots to think about.