The Genesis of my book-length collections.

The following (poetry) books of mine are what I call unified, themed and or book-length. By which I mean they collect from poem to poem and so generate a larger 'world' than any miscellaneous collection of different and unrelated poems could. The whole is greater (by design) than the sum of the parts. In order of most recent first:

Keeping Carter

The Keeper of Fish


The Well Mouth

Toccata and Rain (this is a novel but was nearly a verse-novel and contains the core inner 'story' as loosely-styled sonnets and ghazals. About 60 of them, I think.)

The Rome Air Naked

Sky Poems

The Projectionist 

(Therefore the following books of mine are miscellanies: The Silent Piano, Barbecue of the Primitives, Feeding the Ghost, the New poems of my New and Selected, A Cretive Life. Plus Tremors and The Family Fig Trees.

The Keeper of Fish and Keeping Carter are collections written through heteronyms ... and while the poems are scattered, they work together to construct the characters of Fish and Carter, respectively, and refer to events and characters around these two 'poets' as if they had some kind of day-to-day 'reality'. So, I have deemed them unified, book-length.)