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Puncher & Wattmann

'The Keeper of Fish' by Alan Fish, 'Keeping Carter' by MA Carter

My two latest books The Keeper of Fish and Keeping Carter (written through the heteronyms of Alan Fish and M A Carter) have been published by Puncher & Wattmann in Sydney. They follow publication of my earlier hybrid, semi-something verse-novel called Keepers, the origin of this Keepers trilogy.

Puncher & Wattmann was founded by David Musgrave, the poet and novelist and - for the last several years - very much a publisher.

So Puncher & Wattmann is my publisher and a favourite. They are truly gathering speed just now, with an impressive list of poets and books, many books in distribution and being re-printed, several poets bringing out subsequent books, and an expanding program for 2012 and beyond. And more to come in terms of variety.

Go again Jussi!

These two recordings by Bjorling are not his more expected Italian or French operatic arias. Instead, a Beethoven song and an aria from Lohengrin by Wagner. They display his immaculate control, however, and his ease in lyrical singing across two very different forms. The Wagner piece is lyrical rather than helden tenor in character. His more usual singing is as lyrical but more intense. I will post lots more!

These are old recordings. Adelaide - 1938 in the studio; and In Fernem Land - 1960 live in concert, just weeks before Bjorling died.


In Fernem Land (Lohengrin, Wagner)

Jussi Bjorling - Adelaide (Beethoven)

Go Jussi!

Jussi Bjorling - Adelaide (Beethoven)

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