Following in the Steps of…

This unheimlich in the gloom is a place you are brought to …
you find your way down the steps into ferweh bearing the dead.

This heim is not the one you think you know, not the one you  
fear, except what you fear is what you need to know. And will.

Pursue it or it will (how different are these?) chase down the steps  
cut into a darkening slope … silent, on all sides, pursuing you.  

And this silence says: those who walked here once are gone,  
who walked here recently have left no mark. There are no  

signs of them on the wooden steps, no sound of them to hear
among the branches. There is only looking down: at, into …

Only from here is the view high. Only here temporarily safe.
On the path it looks lower, then, lower down it’s even lower!

You are tempted through deep and glorious sepia to imagine
steps down as the way up. In fer… Halfway down you could

trip and crack your head against the tree on the right and yell:  
no, not satori, obscenities! Nothing is lost from heim by that.

All this of the scene, and all this lack, once you think of it,
once you feel it, here, there, inside you. This from outside

is inside, you are leaning against the wall of an empty room,
the you of you, afraid, and amazed. Seeing the wall of trees.