The Genesis of my book-length collections.

The following (poetry) books of mine are what I call unified, themed and or book-length. By which I mean they collect from poem to poem and so generate a larger 'world' than any miscellaneous collection of different and unrelated poems could. The whole is greater (by design) than the sum of the parts. In order of most recent first:

Keeping Carter

The Keeper of Fish


The Well Mouth

Toccata and Rain (this is a novel but was nearly a verse-novel and contains the core inner 'story' as loosely-styled sonnets and ghazals. About 60 of them, I think.)

The Rome Air Naked

Sky Poems

The Projectionist 

(Therefore the following books of mine are miscellanies: The Silent Piano, Barbecue of the Primitives, Feeding the Ghost, the New poems of my New and Selected, A Cretive Life. Plus Tremors and The Family Fig Trees.

The Keeper of Fish and Keeping Carter are collections written through heteronyms ... and while the poems are scattered, they work together to construct the characters of Fish and Carter, respectively, and refer to events and characters around these two 'poets' as if they had some kind of day-to-day 'reality'. So, I have deemed them unified, book-length.) 


Recent work - and my current plans for Alterworld

The Keepers trilogy is now available at book stores. However, it seems a good idea to include some of those poems on this part of the site - just as a taster. See first three titles on the Left.


No new books for a while!



But... I am working up ideas for the third book of a new (partly old) trilogy, which will read in condensed form: Sky Poems, The Well Mouth, and Alterworld. As time has passed it became clear to me that the two previous books should not remain in a stand-alone state. The Well Mouth was conceived as the Earth-Other to the Sky world and then morphed into something deeper and darker, a Limbo. The desires sought in the Sky are over and done with in the Earthy Well Mouth but now there is the new book - of Hope in the Alterworld - in the making. This is a kind of Divine Comedy in reverse.

This isn't written but will, I hope, be the work of 2013/14. In the meantime I am reading, musing, daydreaming the possibilities, ie: I am preparing my mind.

I am also writing poems heteronym more unlike than like past personalities. M A Carter continues... And I have written another novel and a farm/family memoir work which may just shimmer into a fiction. Lots to think about.




About the poems on this site

On the left hand side (bar) you will see links to individual poems. I have been pretty slow about building this page but I wanted to see the main site written in before adding the poems. In time this will become the place of my online Selected Poems, in brief anyway - a Very Select Selected! [By the way, Fremantle Press had told me the N&S was out of print way back in 2001, but just recently they found a few more in a store room. They are for sale through this site. Let me know if you're interested.] 

I will be adding more poems to this list in early 2012. The top poems at the moment are from my new books...